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April 2019
RES 191 | Exit Strategy
  The importance of knowing your way out doesn’t only apply in life, but in real estate, too. It’s better to see the exit before you enter any deal, and that’s called a contingency plan. Ron LeGrand, recognized real estate expert and trainer with 37 years of experience, shows where the deals are in the...
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RES 190 | Underwriting
  People want to do a quick turnaround yet don’t want to spend much time with underwriting. However, doing an extensive underwriting is vital if you wish to receive the right returns for the dollars you invested. Having done and managed fifteen years of multifamily syndication and 3500 units, respectively, Vinney Chopra is back with...
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RES 189 | Syndication Business
  How does one get started in the syndication business? Author and CEO of Christian Financial, Inc. Angelo Christian shares the secret to how beginners in syndication can get started and stand out from their competition. Stressing the importance of customer-centeredness, Angelo explains why every business model should provide a significant amount of value to...
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RES 188 | Crowdfunding
  Raising money without begging investors is no easy task for startups. At times, help from a third-party individual is needed to make it happen. But how do you know if you are legally paying brokers to raise capital and not breaking any law or guides set by the Securities and Exchange Commission? Mark Roderick...
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RES 187 | Real Estate Investments
  There are a lot of formulas for real estate success. One of which is to start by having a role model, someone who has already paved the way to millions of deals. Dani Beit-Or slightly agrees on this as he prefers to have a negative role model instead. Owner and founder of Simply Do...
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RES 186 | Underwriting
  In this business we call syndication, it is necessary to have a better understanding of what underwriting is all about. Rob Beardsley, co-founder of Lone Star Capital Group, started doing syndication two years ago and is an expert in underwriting. He talks about underwriting and the key fundamentals people needs to know about it....
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RES 185 | Development Process
  Syndicating a development process can be the most laborious procedure you will encounter during syndication. Talking about this meticulous process is Scott Lewis, the Co-Founder and CEO of Spartan Investment Group, LLC. Scott describes the development process as a two-year rollercoaster ride. For Scott, you must be willing to deal back and forth in...
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RES 184 | Multifamily Syndication
  The stigma around the syndication business probably stems from people who have never done real estate investing. Coming out from that negative view, Vinney Chopra – a multifamily syndicator with over 35 years of experience in real estate – breaks down the misconceptions surrounding it, believing that if done right, syndication is nothing short...
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RES 183 | Self-Directed Retirement Plan
  Financial security in retirement is everyone’s joyful finale. This takes a lot of planning and saving up until the time comes when you can already leave the hustle and bustle and reap what you sow. While you undergo preparation, there are few things to take note of – the choice of a self-directed retirement...
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RES 182 | IRA
  IRA or Individual Retirement Arrangement is a way of saving your money for retirement in a tax-advantaged way. However, you can encounter a problem if you are not sufficiently knowledgeable about your IRA. Bernard Reisz of helps with this as he shares the many forms IRA takes, discussing how those can be used...
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