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July 2019
RES 283 | Incorporating 1031 Investors
  Being in the world of real estate syndication requires not just simple knowledge but rather complex ones that require years of experience. Ken Holman, the President and CEO of Overland Group, talks about their fully integrated real estate company and how their family grew it into something massive in the real estate industry. He...
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RES 282 | Mindset To Succeed
  It’s one thing to get back up after a tremendous fall. It’s another to give back to others even after that. Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about real estate, business, and giving back. After losing $50 million in the crash of 2008, Rod immediately bounced back to...
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RES 281 | Mobile Home Parks
  Seldom do investors remain in the same place from where they started their investment career. Some even find themselves going from one country to another. Ekaterina Stepanova has been in that position, from starting in Moscow, Russia to New York City and finally ending up in Memphis, Tennessee. Bringing her story to those who...
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RES 280 | Multifamily Insurance Industry
  The insurance industry is often so spread out to a variety of different niches that it has become difficult for investors to find the total protection they need. Providing a solution to this issue is Bryan Shimeall of Multifamily Risk Advisors. MRA are the experts when it comes to the apartment and multifamily industry....
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RES 279 | Real Estate Partnership
  Many real estate investors got their start in the business from odd places. Kris Kaufman’s real estate journey started in the back of a box truck working for a college. After officially creating a partnership with a lifelong friend and formed Firm Foundations, LLC, Kris finally worked himself out of a job. He tells...
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RES 278 | Tax Lawyers
  In real estate deals, you will encounter numerous documents and operating agreements during the buying process. Going through each one of them can be very tedious, so we hire advisors like CPAs and lawyers to take care of the paperwork for us. However, these advisors can’t always keep on top of quick changes. This...
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RES 277 | Underwriting Properties
  The thing about underwriting is people always want to find an easy way to do it. Brian Burke, the President and CEO of Praxis Capital Inc., says that is not how it works. Brian joins us to guide us through the steps of doing it right, sharing the three important things in the process....
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RES 276 | Certification Course For Syndicators
  Diagnosed in 2012 with brain tumor and no medical insurance, Bryan Chavis lost everything and had to sell a lot of the assets he had in property management companies he helped create. He turned to training and education which was what kept him afloat. Since then, he’s been a provider of training and education...
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RES 275 | Successful Syndicator
  Zach Haptonstall quit his job nine months before closing his first deal. He “burned the bridge” and was determined to make it happen. He shares an impressive story of why leaving a $200k salary position was the best decision. Zach explains how he began to get traction and develop a successful syndication business in...
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RES 274 | Internal Mindset Game
  50% of our mindset we model from other people we associate with. The other 50% is unique to you and you must figure that out. Today, Ketan Patel, Transformation Coach, helps us to understand how we begin this process, how he helps clients create successful habits, and why it is important to know what...
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