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Apartment Amenities Trends in 2021

The relationship between living quarters and quality of life drastically changed for many apartment dwellers over this past year. The pandemic brought about a near-universal desire among tenants for amenities that coordinate with and improve their lifestyles. Gone are the days of “everybody has it” pools and fitness centers. Apartment building owners and managers now face the challenge of providing thoughtful amenities that transition with renters into our new normal. Here are some of the top apartment amenities trends to watch in 2021 and beyond.

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Integrate Smart Technology

Implementing smart technology throughout the units is a quick upgrade to help buildings feel more modern and functional. Creating that perception in potential residents can be a profitable move. In fact, a study conducted by lock manufacturer Schlage found that 86 percent of Millennials are willing to pay more for a “smart” apartment.

Among smart upgrades, Bluetooth door locks that allow residents to enter using only their phones seem to be the most desired technology. The same Schlage study found that 61 percent of renters are more likely to rent a door with keyless locks, and 55 percent are willing to pay more for the feature. A reduction of maintenance calls for people locked out of their units would be a bonus.

Other techy apartment amenities include smart thermostats, lights, and outlets. Residents will be able to connect these devices to their own products to fully integrate their home. Although these amenities may seem small, they can create a highly modern feel and give residents the feeling that their home is working with them and for them. 

Create Unique and Functional Outdoor Space

Outdoor socializing experienced its renaissance this past year, as people were forced outside to spend time with family and friends. As a country, many of us received a reminder that picnics and days in the sun are not the exclusive purview of children and outdoors adventurers. 

When it comes to apartment amenity trends, basic pools and a single grill are not what residents have in mind. Having truly exceptional outdoors space provides the most value to tenants. Think cabanas and luxurious seating instead of a few beach chairs. Outdoor dining space when paired with cooking stations and outdoor sinks makes outdoor family dinners a real possibility. Try to work in more outdoor recreational options as well. For instance, a volleyball area, shuffleboard court, or basketball court can all be major attractions. 

Properties without the benefit of a sprawling campus or wealth of open space can still make updates to improve the look and function of their outdoor spaces. Some options might include plant walls and rooftop gardens to give city dwellers their own connection with nature. Seating and decor can also help to create a luxurious atmosphere worthy of entertaining, even in small outdoor spaces.

Offer Convenient, Quick Package Reception

Thirty-six percent of Americans purchase something online each week, and the menu of options only gets bigger. Big-ticket purchases that previous generations would have demanded to see in person in a showroom are now purchased with just a few clicks. Receiving all of these packages can be an ordeal for apartment property management staff, but failure to make package delivery and reception a smooth process for tenants can be a dealbreaker.

Given that tenants now purchase everything from tweezers to mattresses online, tossing all the packages into a spare room is no longer a viable option. It is burdensome to both staff and tenants on many levels. Online shopping loses a lot of its convenience to residents if pickup hours are limited or they have to wait on staff. For those who frequently have packages to pick up, perhaps even daily, an apartment without adequate package reception can quickly become a burden.

Savvy apartment building managers can help their property stand out by making package delivery and reception a breeze for residents. Smart lockers, for instance, allow couriers and residents to deliver and retrieve packages without ever involving building staff. These lockers can also be used to give residents light bulbs, paperwork, or community messages, ultimately saving staff time across many fronts. Online retail is not going away, and embracing it is one key trend for 2021.

Earn the Dog’s Favor

Many prospective tenants are shopping for their furry friends as much as for themselves, so property owners are wise to consider the canine opinion when including apartment amenities. Three-quarters of Millennials own either a dog or a cat, and most see those pets as family. A majority will only consider a home if it is adequate for their pet.

Creating a dog park is one way to get on the radar of dog owners—but a small, muddy patch of ground is unlikely to win them over. At the back of every dog parent’s mind is what type of mess they will be cleaning up when their dog leaves the park. Consider turf if grass cannot be supported, ensure the space is kept clean, and add attractions for pet owners like benches and trees. 

For buildings without sufficient space for a dog play area, consider connecting with a local business to offer reliable dog walking services at the residents’ expense. Finding a walker is half the battle for many owners, especially those new to the area. 

Provide Time-Saving Services

Dog walkers are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to third-party partnerships that can help apartments make life easier for tenants. Coordinating services for dry-cleaning drop off and pick up, home cleaning, and in-home package delivery leave tenants with more time and headspace to do the things they most care about. One coveted perk is valet trash pickup that allows residents to set trash just outside their door at a certain time to have it whisked away.

Final Thoughts

Apartments buildings updated with popular 2021 amenities are best positioned to attract and retain residents. Current amenity trends focus on convenience, time-saving, and the provision of high-quality outdoor space. 

Life Bridge Capital is a leading real estate syndication company. We offer our investment partners the opportunity to leverage shares of multifamily rental properties into a passive monthly income. Learn More

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