Passive Investor? Fan of the podcast? Looking to learn about syndication? Welcome to Life Bridge Capital!

Get to Know LBC

Welcome to Life Bridge Capital!

Who We Are

Life Bridge Capital is a real estate syndication company transforming lives through passive income. With a proven strategy, our investment team thoroughly evaluates properties to find promising assets that are currently devalued due to disengaged management.

Our Strategy


Our team identifies properties that are underperforming and solves the root issues that represent a significant value play for our investors.


We gather a team of investors who want to leverage shares of a multifamily rental property into a passive monthly income, without the associated day-to-day management.


With a proven property enhancement and management plan, we transform the value of the property through rebranding, renovations, more efficient management, and timely marketing.


After revitalizing its value, we manage the property, collect rent, and pay exceptional returns to each of our limited partners on a regular basis. They receive distributions until Life Bridge parts with the asset, at which time investors receive a full return.

Our Why

Our company began with a desire to offer investors a way to receive exceptional returns financially but also change both the lives of orphans around the world and the lives of the families who adopt them. Our team invests personally in each property and CEO and Founder, Whitney Sewelll commits 50% of his own profits to the Omnah Foundation, a non-profit founded by the Sewell Family that funds the adoption costs for families looking to provide a forever home to a child in need.

Today, Life Bridge Capital successfully serves our clients with exceptional returns on their investments while simultaneously investing personal profits back into our global community. Success for our team means financial freedom for our clients and more homes for children in need – that’s why we do what we do. Join the mission and find financial freedom today!

Life Bridge Capital is a proud partner of Tribevest, a group investing platform that enables friends and family to organize as an investor group, pool money, and manage joint investments.