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RES 202 | Real Estate Partnership
Listen to the podcast here: People say that great things in business are never done by one person, and it is better to do partnerships than doing things separately. Syndicators Ben Leybovich and Sam Grooms have been successfully doing partnership in real estate for a year now, complementing their expertise with the way they process things, trust...
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RES 201 | Passive Income
Listen to the podcast here: Buying real estate properties can generate continuing passive income and can be a massive long-term investment because the value increases over time. One who can attest to this is Chad Hudson, owner of Savoy Companies – a family-owned and operated company which specializes in buying, selling, building, remodeling, and owner-financing...
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RES 188 | Crowdfunding
Listen to the podcast here: Raising money without begging investors is no easy task for startups. At times, help from a third-party individual is needed to make it happen. But how do you know if you are legally paying brokers to raise capital and not breaking any law or guides set by the Securities and...
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RES 187 | Real Estate Investments
Listen to the podcast here: There are a lot of formulas for real estate success. One of which is to start by having a role model, someone who has already paved the way to millions of deals. Dani Beit-Or slightly agrees on this as he prefers to have a negative role model instead. Owner and...
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RES 186 | Underwriting
Listen to the podcast here: In this business we call syndication, it is necessary to have a better understanding of what underwriting is all about. Rob Beardsley, co-founder of Lone Star Capital Group, started doing syndication two years ago and is an expert in underwriting. He talks about underwriting and the key fundamentals people needs...
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RES 183 | Self-Directed Retirement Plan
Listen to the podcast here: Financial security in retirement is everyone’s joyful finale. This takes a lot of planning and saving up until the time comes when you can already leave the hustle and bustle and reap what you sow. While you undergo preparation, there are few things to take note of – the choice...
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RES 182 | IRA
  Listen to the podcast here: IRA or Individual Retirement Arrangement is a way of saving your money for retirement in a tax-advantaged way. However, you can encounter a problem if you are not sufficiently knowledgeable about your IRA. Bernard Reisz of helps with this as he shares the many forms IRA takes, discussing...
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RES 181 | Qualified Retirement Plan
Listen to the podcast here: Bernard Reisz, a CPA with extensive experience in alternative investment and finance industries, is the founder of, a company that crafts retirement plans that enhance your current and future finances. Bernard shares how they empower individuals to optimize their finances using proactive and innovative strategies. He provides an integrated...
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RES 178 | Professional Website
Listen to the podcast here: Small business owners often wonder if there is a need for them to create a website. Are you one of them? Todd Heitner enlightens us why every business owner should have a professional website for their business. Todd has been specifically building websites for real estate investors for almost fifteen...
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RES 170 | Mobile Home Parks
Listen to the podcast here: Investing in multifamily has been gaining a lot of attention in recent times for being the perfect investment. Moving far from the crowd, Paul Moore – Founder and Managing Director at Wellings Capital – has expanded his multifamily vision to self-storage and mobile home parks. Paul shares the details of...
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