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closing deals
RES 247 | Structuring Real Estate Deals
  How do you structure your first ever deal in real estate that would inevitably lead to a win-win situation? Brian Burke lists down the three common ways you can use and integrate when structuring real estate deals. Brian is the President and CEO of Praxis Capital, Inc, a vertically-integrated real estate for private equity...
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RES 230 | Asset Management
  Everything starts from scratch. Even businesses and asset management start from nothing, but it only takes one person to materialize something into one great entity. Ben Suttles, the co-Founder of Disrupt Equity, shares his journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. He talks about his first deal, raising capital, managing a team, and the difficulties...
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RES 227 | Real Estate Deals
Many people who have started investing in real estate and closing real estate deals began with a full-time job. A successful rental housing provider in Central East Ontario for 17 years and also a police officer for 29 years to date, Jules McKenzie reveals the secret to managing two worlds at a time. As he...
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  The 309 Units in El Paso built in 1964 is an old property made out of cement blocks that is worth $13 million to $14 million. Kenny Wolfe, the author of Investing In The Dream and the President of Wolfe Investments, speaks on how he recently closed this deal in El Paso, sharing the...
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