RES 229 | Syndication
Listen to the podcast here: The big piece into succeeding in business is having the internal motivation and the right mentor. This is what Jeff Greenberg, CEO of Synergetic Investment Group, LLC, teaches us when it comes to becoming successful in our businesses. For him, real estate is about helping each other. Jeff shares some...
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RES 228 | Reg A
Listen to the podcast here: A Regulation A or a Reg A offering is an exemption from registration requirements. It may seem like a promising term but going through the entire exemption process can be quite daunting. Mark Mascia, CEO of Mascia Development LLC, teaches us how to maneuver around the process of pursuing a Reg A...
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RES 190 | Underwriting
Listen to the podcast here: People want to do a quick turnaround yet don’t want to spend much time with underwriting. However, doing an extensive underwriting is vital if you wish to receive the right returns for the dollars you invested. Having done and managed fifteen years of multifamily syndication and 3500 units, respectively, Vinney...
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RES 179 | Blind Syndication
Listen to the podcast here: It is vital for a syndication property management company to establish its track record and credibility to be able to earn the trust of potential investors. Chad Gallagher, co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of SlateHouse Group, shares how they were able to raise $2 million through blind syndication. Chad describes...
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