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RES 268 | Scaling Business Through Marketing
  One of the keys to success in real estate is communication; that is, getting your brand and message across through marketing. Marketing expert John Casmon of Casmon Capital Group dives into his expertise and talks about how he got started in real estate, specifically focusing on syndication. John has a background in marketing and...
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  In property takeover and management preparation, a syndicator must have a month in development for the process to be planned accordingly. Real estate expert Vinney Chopra generously shares his knowledge on what we need to do and prepare for during a property takeover and management. Vinney explains why we need to have personnel, service...
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Summary: Jon Simcoe, Professional Real Estate Investor, Lion Properties shares some excellent tools and resources which will help you find and develop sustainable and long lasting relationships with investors for your syndication business. Is it worthwhile for syndicators to organize and take part in meetups? What are some networking Tips and Tricks for finding potential...
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