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multifamily deals
RES 258 | Caring For Investors
  Real estate investing takes perseverance and guts especially in meeting with investors and establishing rapport. Real estate investor Caleb Bryant talks about investor relations and why it’s important to care for your investors. Caleb began his real estate journey in 2014 after realizing that touring with a band wasn’t going to pay the bills....
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RES 255 | Property Management
  A lot of people in the real estate industry may be in a dilemma whether to go into property management or not. Dylan Marma says there really is no right or wrong answer. Property management is not about the fees; it’s more about something you do to control your assets. Dylan began his real...
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RES 230 | Asset Management
  Everything starts from scratch. Even businesses and asset management start from nothing, but it only takes one person to materialize something into one great entity. Ben Suttles, the co-Founder of Disrupt Equity, shares his journey towards becoming a successful entrepreneur. He talks about his first deal, raising capital, managing a team, and the difficulties...
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