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RES 282 | Mindset To Succeed
  It’s one thing to get back up after a tremendous fall. It’s another to give back to others even after that. Rod Khleif is a multiple business owner and philanthropist who is passionate about real estate, business, and giving back. After losing $50 million in the crash of 2008, Rod immediately bounced back to...
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RES 279 | Real Estate Partnership
  Many real estate investors got their start in the business from odd places. Kris Kaufman’s real estate journey started in the back of a box truck working for a college. After officially creating a partnership with a lifelong friend and formed Firm Foundations, LLC, Kris finally worked himself out of a job. He tells...
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RES 175 | Scaling Real Estate Business
  Real estate is undeniably a competitive industry. The more realtors come aboard, the more one should stay ahead of the game and scale up. Trevor McGregor believes that the real estate business is one of the greatest wealth vehicles on the planet, and that is irrefutable. A Master Platinum Coach with over 15,000 hours...
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