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RES 251 | Land And Property Acquisition
Listen to the podcast here: Every realtor has a dream of acquiring massive land and properties in a good deal. Since coming to the US more than 40 years ago with only $7 in his pockets, real estate syndication legend Vinney Chopra has achieved success in several areas – marketing, motivational speaking, and real estate...
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RES 176 | Real Estate Team
Listen to the podcast here: When you start joining the real estate world, one of the best takeaway from the experts is to build your team. Some can excel on their own, but it surely will be more beneficial if you have a support system as you embark on the field. Vinney Chopra, the Founder,...
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RES 175 | Scaling Real Estate Business
Listen to the podcast here: Real estate is undeniably a competitive industry. The more realtors come aboard, the more one should stay ahead of the game and scale up. Trevor McGregor believes that the real estate business is one of the greatest wealth vehicles on the planet, and that is irrefutable. A Master Platinum Coach...
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