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RES 269 | Landing Your First Deal
Listen to the podcast here: Real estate will always be tricky, and the only way to be successful in it is by having the right people educating you. Kyle Mitchell, the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Limitless Estates, shares the story of how he got started with investing in single-family real estate back in 2013...
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RES 234 | Multifamily Real Estate
Listen to the podcast here: Transitioning from one trade to another is not an easy task especially when you are jumping into the multifamily real estate industry. Brian Murray, the Founder and CEO of Washington Street Properties, talks about his shift from the tech sector to multifamily real estate. Helping people to jump in and...
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Listen to the podcast here: Owning our own business is probably one of the goals we all have, alongside financial freedom and securing our future. Sharing his business ventures is Rodney Miller, a real estate investor and CEO of a chain of medical clinics. Rodney has been an entrepreneur for quite a while and splits...
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