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success mindset
They say when you dream, you should dream big. But, a dream or a goal will remain just a dream and a goal if we will not do anything to make them happen. So if you dream big, then you have to commit yourself to achieve your goals. Our gracious sponsor:A Cost Segregation Study typically...
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RES 274 | Internal Mindset Game
Listen to the podcast here: 50% of our mindset we model from other people we associate with. The other 50% is unique to you and you must figure that out. Today, Ketan Patel, Transformation Coach, helps us to understand how we begin this process, how he helps clients create successful habits, and why it is...
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RES 175 | Scaling Real Estate Business
Listen to the podcast here: Real estate is undeniably a competitive industry. The more realtors come aboard, the more one should stay ahead of the game and scale up. Trevor McGregor believes that the real estate business is one of the greatest wealth vehicles on the planet, and that is irrefutable. A Master Platinum Coach...
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