syndication business
RES 275 | Successful Syndicator
Listen to the podcast here: Zach Haptonstall quit his job nine months before closing his first deal. He “burned the bridge” and was determined to make it happen. He shares an impressive story of why leaving a $200k salary position was the best decision. Zach explains how he began to get traction and develop a...
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RES 201 | Passive Income
Listen to the podcast here: Buying real estate properties can generate continuing passive income and can be a massive long-term investment because the value increases over time. One who can attest to this is Chad Hudson, owner of Savoy Companies – a family-owned and operated company which specializes in buying, selling, building, remodeling, and owner-financing...
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RES 192 | Securities Offering
Listen to the podcast here: Robert Borr is a licensed real estate and securities attorney in the state of Florida. He is also a real estate broker, a real estate school instructor, and a title insurance agent. He educates his clients to provide a traditional in-house counsel role to those who do not need a...
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