Listen to the podcast here: A lover of learning, Sam Rust started investing in real estate and quickly moved to multifamily syndication back in 2017. Today, he is an accomplished managing partner of over $10 million worth of real estate, a loving husband, and a father to four daughters. How did he achieve success in...
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RES 190 | Underwriting
Listen to the podcast here: People want to do a quick turnaround yet don’t want to spend much time with underwriting. However, doing an extensive underwriting is vital if you wish to receive the right returns for the dollars you invested. Having done and managed fifteen years of multifamily syndication and 3500 units, respectively, Vinney...
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RES 186 | Underwriting
Listen to the podcast here: In this business we call syndication, it is necessary to have a better understanding of what underwriting is all about. Rob Beardsley, co-founder of Lone Star Capital Group, started doing syndication two years ago and is an expert in underwriting. He talks about underwriting and the key fundamentals people needs...
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