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WS09: Key Factors That Can Help You Find Success in Real Estate Syndication with Justin Fraser


In this episode, Whitney interviews Justin Fraser, Owner, 88 Real Estate Capital. Justin shares the various factors that have helped an inexperienced real estate investor like him find success in the syndication business. Would experienced syndicators be interested in partnering and mentoring complete newcomers? Does having the backing of an experienced syndicator help you get investors on board? We discuss the other KEY factors that have contributed greatly to Justin’s professional success. Tune in to learn more!

Time Stamped Show Notes:

  • 00:26 –  Whitney introduces Justin to listeners
  • 01:39 –  Learn how Justin transitioned into real estate investing
  • 02:48 –  Justin shares his experience with flipping property
  • 03:48 – Why does Justin prefer syndication over other investment vehicles?
  • 04:50 – How did Justin manage to get an experienced syndicator as a partner and mentor?
  • 06:35 – Was finding a mentor the single most important thing of Justin’s career as a syndicator?
  • 08:50 –  Developing a solid mentee-mentor takes patience and time
  • 09:35 – How did Justin find his first syndication property?
  • 12:13 – How many properties did Justin look at before zeroing on his first syndication property?
  • 13:08 –  Important to go the extra mile if you are to find success as a real estate syndicator
  • 14:00 – What, according to Justin is the most difficult aspect of real estate syndication? Justin shares his challenges with raising capital
  • 17:13 – Are folks willing to bet on an inexperienced sponsor without a track record?
  • 18:20 – Did Justin manage to get investors onboard because of Matt, his mentor?
  • 19:27 – What specifics does Justin look for when he zeroes in on a property?
  • 21:20 –  KEY factor that defines a successful real estate syndicator
  • 23:47 –  #1 thing that you can do to propel your real estate syndication business forward
  • 24:39 –  Justin shares his contact information
  • 25:00 –  Review and subscribe to the Real Estate Syndication Podcast
  • 25:10 – A special thanks to our sponsor, Life Bridge Capital

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. Why real estate syndication is a better alternative to flipping properties
  2. How to get an experienced syndicator to partner and mentor you
  3. The art of raising capital for real estate syndication projects


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