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Real estate is an attractive asset class that has a long track record of outperforming the major stock indices


In contrast to other asset types, multifamily real estate generates consistent, predictable monthly income


Depreciation is a great tax write-off that keeps more of the income in your pocket


Purchasing properties below replacement-cost positions our portfolio well for future appreciation

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Life Bridge Capital

Real Estate Syndication Company

Life Bridge Capital is a leading real estate syndication company. We offer our investment partners the opportunity to leverage shares of multifamily rental properties into a passive monthly income. Our experienced investment team thoroughly evaluates properties to find assets that have vast potential but are currently devalued due to disengaged management. Once identified, we aggressively act on acquiring and improving the asset, with a proven property enhancement and management plan, resulting in exceptional returns for our investment partners.

Investor Reviews

  • “Our experience thus far with Life Bridge Capital has been pleasant and smooth.”

  • “Stratus Apartments is our first investment with Life Bridge and thus far it has met our expectations. We wish we had invested a larger sum. We look forward to the next opportunity with Life Bridge Capital.”

  • “We are very happy so far with the way everything has been handled. the professionalism, the way that we get current progress updates. They have always answered our questions very quickly. We would definitely recommend them to anyone that is looking for an investment opportunity.”

    Doug and Beverly
  • “It is an absolute pleasure doing business with Whitney and his team. Not only do I “know, like and trust” Whitney, but his commitment to giving back to those less fortunate is totally unmatched. It is an honor partnering with him in his business and his mission to give back.”

  • “Whitney and the team have been 100% professional, transparent and thus far operating per plan. So far I am pleased with my investment. I have a high degree of confidence with Life Bridge Capital.”

  • “We are very satisfied and happy we invested with Life Bridge Capital. The communication we have received is awesome! Ready for another deal!”

  • “My experience working with Whitney and Lifebridge Capital so far has been Great. They were very helpful in filling out the paperwork and have communicated well with me regarding the Corona-19 impact on vacancies. I look forward to a continuing relationship of buying more Apartments with Life Bridge Capital.”

  • “It’s been a great experience so far working with Whitney Sewell and the Life Bridge Capital team! The level of communication is the best I’ve seen with the investment groups I work with, and I’m pleased with the investment options and opportunities being presented. Keep up the good work!”


What Is Real Estate Syndication?

Real estate syndication brings the power of group buying to the world of real estate investing. A group of individual investors can invest in bigger, more valuable properties than each person could afford alone. Syndication is an effective way for a group of investors to pool their financial resources and make smart investments. Multifamily commercial properties like apartment complexes and condo communities are some of the most profitable projects for real estate syndicates.

How It Works

As a leading real estate syndication company, Life Bridge Capital locates investment projects and presents them to our investor group. Individual investors have the opportunity to examine the deal and decide if they want to join in.


Our team identifies properties that are underperforming and solves the root issues that represent a significant value play for our investors.


Investors become partners in the actual real estate. We accept funds from a variety of sources including 1031 exchanges, QRP accounts, self-directed IRA’s, or traditional cash investments.


Our portfolio of properties generate steady monthly income


We payout cash distributions on a monthly basis to our investors

Frequently Asked Questions

Unsure if real estate syndication is right for you? Here are some answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance.

Can anyone invest with Life Bridge Capital?

Yes, we work with accredited and non-accredited (or sophisticated) investors to invest in our multifamily opportunities. Click the link for Investopedia’s definition.

Is this risky?

Any investment carries risk. While we cannot guarantee anything, real estate—and in particular, multifamily real estate syndication—has proven to be among the safest investments available. Remember: rent keeps rising. Our process of uncovering devalued assets and turning them into desirable ones is a proven one. And we also invest right alongside our investors.

Why should I invest in multifamily real estate?

Multifamily housing has a variety of benefits for investors, including predictable returns, single-asset ownership, and significant tax savings. Real estate is very stable compared to the equities market. Workforce housing is undersupplied around the country with very little new stock in the development pipeline, and demand is increasing.

How have all your deals to date performed? Are you making distributions on all of them?

We are currently paying out the full preferred return on all LBC deals and have not missed a single dividend. You can explore our past projects on our Portfolio page.

How can I learn about future investment opportunities?

You can learn more about our future investment opportunities by signing up here as an investor. You will then be able to schedule a call with Whitney at your convenience to discuss how to move forward as an investor.

Whitney Sewell

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Syndication Show

The Real Estate Syndication Show is a 7-day-a-week podcast where Whitney Sewell, Life Bridge Capital founder, interviews the most successful entrepreneurs in the real estate syndication business. Joe Fairless, Vinney Chopra, and Michael Becker are some of the first to be interviewed. The show was created to help every active investor learn how the syndication business works, improve their business and help passive investors understand where to invest when wanting to diversify into real estate.

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