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The Real Estate Syndication Show

The Real Estate Syndication Show is a 7-day-a-week real estate investing podcast where Whitney Sewell, founder of Life Bridge Capital, interviews the most successful entrepreneurs in the real estate syndication business. Joe Fairless, Vinney Chopra, and Michael Becker are some of the first to be interviewed. The show was created to help every active investor learn how the syndication business works, improve their business and help passive investors understand where to invest when wanting to diversify into real estate.

WS1351: Understanding Opportunity Zones | #Highlights

What are qualified opportunity zones? And what are the benefits of investing in these zones? We put the focus on this in our #Highlights episode today as we feature our conversations again with real estate entrepreneurs Andrew Greer and Matthew Ryan. Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Andrew explains why a qualified...
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WS1350: Making Millions with Syndication | #Highlights

Multifamily syndication can seal you million dollars if done right. In this #Highlights episode, we look back at our conversations with successful real estate entrepreneurs and authors Kenny Wolfe and Mike Simmons. Kenny is the author of Investing In The Dream and the President of Wolfe Investments, and Mike is the producer and host of...
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WS1349: Elevating Value-Add Properties with Construction | Oliver Fernandez

Construction is a big part of adding value to a property. Our guest today, Oliver Fernandez, is an expert on elevating value-add properties with construction. He is a successful entrepreneur who has completed over 80M in construction contracts and invested over 150M in Real Estate.  Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Oliver...
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WS1348: Syndicating Senior Living Assets | Brandon Schwab

Syndicating large commercial real estate is not always the best way to go. Sometimes, going small gives better business IRR and yields valuable returns on one’s personal and social well-being. Take the case of syndicating smaller senior living assets. Apart from financial returns, investing in small senior living assets allows investors to provide compassionate, familial...
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WS1347: Value Investing: A Contrarian View of Shopping Centers | Philip Block

Whoever said that retail is dead must be proven wrong. Our guest today, Phillip Block, managing partner of LBX Investments, talks about the opportunities he found in retail investing, specifically shopping centers. He has years of experience with a number of U.S. shopping center acquisitions and managed all capital raising and asset management efforts. Watch...
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WS1346: Real Estate and Social Media | Sam Primm

Sam Primm grew his $3 million portfolio to a $40 million-plus within a few years. He had a good-paying job, but after reading the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he and his business partner decided they wanted to do something different. They read that real estate is a great way to earn extra money, so...
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WS1345: Honing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit | Micy Liu

Starting a business and being an entrepreneur is not a walk in the park. Today, our guest Micy Liu of Life Mission Capital discusses how she honed her entrepreneurial spirit. She helps busy professionals invest in cash-flowing commercial real estate so they can focus more on what matters to them. Currently, she has a portfolio...
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WS1344: The Golden Opportunity in Senior Living Space | #Highlights

There are many asset classes in real estate that one can explore to find success. In this #Highlights episode, we put the spotlight on the golden opportunity in senior living spaces. We look back at our conversations with real estate entrepreneurs Doug Fullaway and Vinney Chopra. Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here:...
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WS1343: Building Wealth With Syndication | #Highlights

There’s no easy way to success, not even in syndication. In today’s #Highlights episode, we look back at our conversations with seasoned real estate entrepreneurs Ken Van Liew and Dan Kryzanowski. The two give us valuable tips on how to build wealth and even raised 6-figures with of perspective amid the stress and responsibility...
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