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The Real Estate Syndication Show is a 7-day-a-week real estate investing podcast where Whitney Sewell, founder of Life Bridge Capital, interviews the most successful entrepreneurs in the real estate syndication business. Joe Fairless, Vinney Chopra, and Michael Becker are some of the first to be interviewed. The show was created to help every active investor learn how the syndication business works, improve their business and help passive investors understand where to invest when wanting to diversify into real estate.

WS1435: What To Know About Real Estate Funds | #Highlights

Syndication is different from a fund. There are particular circumstances under which it makes more sense to go with a fund. So what are the differences between a fund and syndication, along with the similarities between the two? We answer those questions in today’s #Highlights episode with Brian Hamrick and Michael Episcope. Watch the episode...
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WS1434: Technology For Your RE Business | #Highlights

Nowadays, there is much technology available to make your business efficient and effective. In today’s #Highlights episode, we look back at our conversations with entrepreneurs Corinn Altomare and Dylan Marma as they share the technology they leverage for their real estate business. Watch the episode here: Listen to the podcast here: Corinn talks about the...
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WS1433: Passive Investing Mistakes to Avoid | Matt Hansen

How do you avoid doing a mistake as a passive investor in real estate investing? What are the dos and don’ts that you need to know before you put your funds in a deal? Today, our guest, Matt Hansen of Hansen Holdings breaks down things that will help you avoid some mistakes in syndication and...
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WS1432: How to Find the Best Multifamily Submarkets | Michael Zaransky

We all know how location is key to every real estate investment’s success. But it raises the question: how exactly do investors find good locations and evaluate the market or submarket for potential investment opportunities? In multifamily, in particular, what would be considered the best submarket? And why are some markets considered “hotter” than others?...
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WS1431: What Renters Want in Apartment Amenities | Michael Zaransky

As apartment developers, one crucial task that you have to undertake is to find out what amenities renters in your chosen location want in apartments. Apartment amenities play a major part in enticing potential renters and residents to sign and renew their leases. In as much as we’ve seen radical changes in the way people...
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WS1430: How to Win Approval for Ground-Up Construction | Michael Zaransky

Ground-up new construction is a process highly regulated by cities or municipalities. Developers of new construction projects go through a process of presenting their plans to city planning committees or local elected officials and the neighboring community before they can even break ground. When not planned and executed carefully, the approval process can become time-consuming...
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WS1429: What is Ground-Up Construction? | Michael Zaransky

Ground-up construction developments can be too complex, mysterious, and intimidating for many real estate investors. Not only do they carry significant risks, but they are also multifaceted and can take years to bring from initial planning to construction and ultimately leasing. However, ground-up construction developments can also be the most lucrative type of commercial real...
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WS1428: Hotel Redevelopment and Investing | #Highlights

If there’s one asset class that opened opportunities amid adversity such as the Covid-19 pandemic, that is the hotels. In this #Highlights episode, we feature our conversations again with two Mikes – Mike Zlotnik and Mike Stohler. They both found opportunities in hotels during the pandemic. One is hotel redevelopment and the other is hotel...
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WS1427: Multifamily in Focus | #Highlights

Multifamily as an asset class has helped many real estate entrepreneurs and investors find success in the industry. There are countless testimonials on this. In this #Highlights episode, we look back at our conversations with real estate entrepreneurs Ellis Hammond and Derek Alexandrenko. The two talk about how multifamily has changed their lives for the...
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