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commercial real estate
Are you thinking about investing in real estate by joining a syndication? If so, there are some common pitfalls that can erode your financial success.  Here are 10 important ways you can avoid making rookie mistakes when you’re new to real estate syndication. Mistake #1: Active Investing Instead of Passive Investing First, make sure you...
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RES 234 | Multifamily Real Estate
  Transitioning from one trade to another is not an easy task especially when you are jumping into the multifamily real estate industry. Brian Murray, the Founder and CEO of Washington Street Properties, talks about his shift from the tech sector to multifamily real estate. Helping people to jump in and not be intimidated by...
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RES 233 | Real Estate Team Building
  There are so many roles you have to take in the real estate business. Although it is possible to manage everything on your own, it is best to build a team for the business to grow and scale. Liz Faircloth, the co-founder and Chief Advisor of DeRosa Group which controls close to 400 units...
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RES 174 | Mobile Home Parks
  In commercial real estate, investors see value in single-family and multifamily homes. With a lot of opportunities apparent in these listings, no wonder great deals come out of it. However, how many have considered investing in mobile home parks? John Jacobus is one of the few who goes for the out-of-favor but has appealing...
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RES 173 | Commercial Real Estate
  There’s no greater feeling in the real estate world than when you finally close a deal. Among all the listings in real estate, retail properties are perhaps the most challenging to get a deal done. As tough as it may appear, commercial real estate is still one of the big shots. Sean Katona, Managing...
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