WS1904 47 Years of Experience Investing in Westside California | Highlights Larry Taylor

In this highlight episode, we feature Larry Taylor, a seasoned real estate investor with over 50 years of experience. Larry shared his journey in the real estate industry, starting from a young age when he developed a passion for it. He emphasized the importance of following your passion and being in the right place at the right time.

Larry’s niche is the West side of Los Angeles, which he believes is the best location for real estate investment due to its high concentration of wealth, desirable weather, and limited supply of available land. He explained that properties in this area rarely come to market unless there is an event such as a death, divorce, or bankruptcy. Larry also highlighted the benefits of owning real estate in terms of tax advantages and the pride of ownership.

When it comes to his business model, Larry focuses on long-term investments and forming private equity real estate companies that own portfolios of properties. He discussed the advantages of leveraging properties and building relationships with lenders. He also shared his surprising experience with his non-levered private equity company, which received less interest from investors compared to the traditional levered company.

In terms of the current market conditions, Larry acknowledged the impact of rising interest rates and limited availability of debt. However, he mentioned that there are still opportunities to buy properties at a slight discount. He advised investors to never borrow more than they can afford to pay back and to develop strong relationships with banks.

Overall, Larry provided valuable insights into surviving market downturns and making successful real estate investments. He encouraged listeners to reach out to him and his team to learn more about their investment opportunities and long-term approach to real estate.

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About Larry Taylor:

Larry Taylor, the seasoned investor and CEO of Christina, boasts over 40 years of real estate expertise in Westside L.A. Notable projects encompass pioneering high-rise residential development in North Century City, creating the Montana Avenue Shopping District in Santa Monica, revitalizing the South Beverly Hills Retail Shopping District, and redeveloping Westwood Village. Larry initiated his career at Ernst & Young (formerly Kenneth Leventhal & Company) and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Southern California in 1975.


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