Who We Are

There is a profound mission that intertwines the journey of Life Bridge Capital with the noble cause championed by the Omnah Foundation. Our collective mission extends beyond mere financial returns; it’s a testament to the transformative power of love, family, and community.

Supporting Adoptive Families: A Shared Mission

The Omnah Foundation embodies a commitment to ensuring every child experiences the love and security of a family. This mission aligns seamlessly with Life Bridge Capital’s ethos—where investing transcends financial gain, becoming a conduit for positive societal impact. Through the Omnah Foundation, we are reminded that adoption is not just a legal process but a divine expression of love and compassion. Our investors play a pivotal role in this journey, helping to dismantle the financial barriers that often stand between children and their forever homes.

The Role of Our Investors: Catalysts for Change

Your investment with Life Bridge Capital is a beacon of hope for countless families navigating the adoption process. By choosing to invest with us, you’re not only seeking financial growth but also facilitating the creation of loving, permanent homes for children in need. Every dollar directed towards the Omnah Foundation through our partnership amplifies our ability to assist adoptive families, making the dream of family a reality for many.

The Urgency of Support: Why Your Role Matters

The need for adoptive family support is both immediate and pressing. Without our collective action, many children may continue to languish in foster care or institutions, and potential loving families might remain incomplete due to financial constraints. As investors, your contribution is a direct response to this urgency, transforming lives and fulfilling the divine mandate to care for the orphaned and vulnerable.

Expressing Gratitude: Acknowledging Your Impact

We are deeply grateful for your continued support and partnership, which not only fosters financial prosperity but also cultivates a legacy of love, family, and hope. Your investment is a testament to your faith in action, a reflection of James 1:27, which calls us to care for orphans and widows in their distress. Together, we are not just building portfolios; we are building forever families.

A Call to Action: Join Us in This Divine Mission

As we move forward, let us remain steadfast in our commitment to this cause. The path to adoption is fraught with challenges, but with your support, we can continue to make a significant difference in the lives of adoptive families. Your investment in Life Bridge Capital is more than a financial decision; it’s a choice to be part of a larger story, one that changes lives and shapes futures.

In closing, we invite you to deepen your involvement with the Omnah Foundation through Life Bridge Capital. Together, we can ensure that more children find their way into the loving arms of a family. Thank you for being part of this mission, for your faith, your generosity, and your unwavering support. Let’s continue to transform lives, one investment, one family, one child at a time.

Your contribution, your investment, your heart for adoption—it all combines to make an indelible impact. Thank you for being a vital part of this journey.


Whitney and his wife Chelsea have two sons and a daughter who came to their family by adoption. They know the costs associated with adoption (up to $60,000 on average), but they also know the life-changing blessings it offers. There are millions of orphans worldwide, yet the financial burden of adopting is more than many families can consider. Whitney and Chelsea have made a commitment to donate 50% of their profits to helping orphaned children find a forever home.