Welcome back to the daily real estate syndication show. I’m your host, Whitney Sewell. In today’s episode, we spoke with Benjamin Spiegel, General Partner and Portfolio Manager at Redwood Capital Advisors. Ben highlighted the growing luxury RV destinations asset class, sharing eye-opening statistics that underscore its potential.

He emphasized the changing landscape post-COVID, with millennials embracing a nomadic lifestyle. This shift has created a demand for luxury RV communities, offering stable cash flow due to longer average stays. Redwood Capital Advisors focuses on new construction, favoring horizontal development for its simplicity and speed.

Ben discussed the unique financing opportunities through USDA loans for rural development, making these projects feasible. He also shared insights into the profitability of luxury RV destinations, including the potential for selling individual pads. Wrapping up, Ben advised caution in the real estate market and emphasized seeking unique opportunities.

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About Benjamin Marc Spiegel:

Ben Spiegel has been a General Partner and Portfolio Manager at Redwood Capital Advisors since 2017. He specializes in middle-market commercial real estate, direct lending, and capital raising. With properties in Alabama, Connecticut, New York, and North Carolina, Ben has successfully deployed $500 million for various firms. Prior to his role at Redwood Capital Advisors, he worked as a Credit Analyst at DG Capital Management.


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