WS1938 Marketing Basics For Commercial Real Estate Firms | Highlights Kimberly Zar Bloorian

In today’s episode, we’ve gathered insightful highlights on marketing strategies within commercial real estate. Our guest, Kimberly Zar Bloorian, a marketing expert, explores why these companies often hesitate to adopt new strategies, emphasizing the crucial role of building visibility in the digital age. Additionally, we discuss the significance of relationships in the industry and how digital marketing can enhance and complement these connections.

The conversation extends to the concept of untapped business potential and the necessity of maintaining consistent marketing efforts, even when immediate results aren’t apparent. Our guest provides valuable advice on sustaining marketing momentum during economic downturns and adjusting strategies to align with current market conditions.

For those looking to enhance their marketing endeavors, we delve into practical tips such as building a robust email list, establishing a social media presence, and leveraging personal branding on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram. Exploring content creation nuances, we address ideal video lengths for various platforms and underscore the importance of incorporating a call to action in each post.

Furthermore, our guest shares insights on effectively representing a company’s brand through individual team members and discusses the advantages of working with a marketing agency versus hiring an in-house manager.

In conclusion, we highlight the importance of attending conferences not only for networking but also for content creation. We touch upon follow-up strategies to maximize the impact of your presence at these events.

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About Kimberly Zar Bloorian:

Kimberly Zar Bloorian, CEO of KLOUD, a top marketing agency specializing in innovative solutions for commercial real estate, recognized and addressed a significant industry gap. Based in Long Island, her passion for digital marketing and real estate led to the founding of KLOUD. With a stellar track record at Meridian Capital Group, Kimberly’s expertise spans digital initiatives and experiential brand marketing. As a New York native, she actively engages in organizations like CREW, Israel Bonds, and Young Jewish Professionals. Beyond her professional pursuits, Kimberly enjoys quality time with her family, indulging in cooking, food demos, and exploring new destinations.

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