WS1936 How These Successful Partners Manager Their Time | Paul Larson & Jeff Guo

Welcome back to your daily real estate syndication show. I’m your host, Deana Berg. In today’s episode, we spoke with Paul Larson & Jeff Guo, real estate investors living the dream. They joined us from different parts of the world – Jeff calling in from Oxford, England, and Paul from Alabama.

Jeff and Paul, partners in affordable housing, small multifamily, mobile home, and RV parks, manage over 500 rental units across Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Jeff, with a background in asset management and a BA in finance and real estate, is also an accomplished endurance athlete. Paul transitioned successfully from the automotive industry to real estate, boosting revenue and building strong investor relations.

They shared their philosophy on time management, focusing on high-value activities, and empowering their team to make decisions, allowing more time for creative aspects. This approach enhances their work process and contributes to their success.

Discussing their unique deal structure, they aim to reduce risk and accelerate capital velocity for investors. Their buy-and-hold strategy targets returning investor capital within 36 months, maintaining ownership percentages for infinite returns.

Jeff and Paul stressed the importance of mindset in achieving success, urging entrepreneurs to work on themselves. They emphasized the value of the right environment, such as mastermind groups, to find like-minded individuals and potential partners.

This episode demonstrated how to build a business that serves your life. Jeff and Paul’s strong partnership, clear vision, and the right mindset showcase the power of success.

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About Paul Larson:

Paul D. Larson is the Chief Executive Officer of Larson Financial Holdings which is the parent company with multiple affiliate businesses under it’s stewardship: Larson Financial Group, Larson Financial Securities, Larson Capital Management, Larson Commercial Real Estate, Doctors Without Quarters, Larson Wealth Partners, Doctors Only, Antlers Resort, Larson Tax Partners, Physicians Thrive and Intrua Financial. He has also co-authored a book designed to help Doctors live a Flourishing Life. Paul was recognized by Fortune Magazine, in 2020, on their 40 under 40 list.

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