WS1939 Exploring Real Estate And Economic Trends | Highlights Nic DeAngelo

Today’s episode compiles insightful moments from recent shows, offering a wealth of real estate syndication knowledge. Our guest, Nic DeAngelo, a seasoned real estate entrepreneur with 20 years of experience, shares his journey from youth with influential mentors to developing advanced acquisition and asset management models during the global financial crisis. His company has adapted to investor demand by purchasing over 500 mortgages across the U.S., transitioning to a fixed income model for real estate.

Delving into market analysis, we discuss demographic shifts, especially the baby boomers’ aging and retirement influencing the labor market and investment opportunities. Nic highlights the significant wealth transfer expected, potential inflationary pressures, and Gen Z’s crucial role in the workforce.

In the discussion on industrial real estate, we explore critical factors in market selection, like international trade, port activity, and manufacturing trends. Our guest underscores the shift from Chinese manufacturing to U.S. and Mexican markets, with implications for immigration and talent attraction.

The episode concludes with a look at economic and demographic trends creating opportunities in various asset classes, including multifamily housing, benefiting from demand generated by industries like semiconductor production.

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About Nic DeAngelo:

Nic consistently excels across various business domains, having founded and grown successful companies in Finance, Cannabis, and Ecommerce. His diverse experience showcases a versatile business approach and a profound understanding of large-scale business fundamentals.

Starting with a modest investment, Nic strategically developed and successfully exited several multimillion-dollar companies, enabling a seamless transition into his passion for Real Estate Investment.

Currently, Nic directs his focus on the Real Estate and debt markets with Saint Investment Group. He engages in large-scale Distressed Asset purchases alongside partners and Saint’s Funds. Leveraging his extensive background, Nic brings a unique perspective to Real Estate Asset Management and acquisition, crafting innovative, high-return projects.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Nic finds enjoyment in quality time with his extensive family, practicing Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai, avidly reading, and regularly traveling to unwind from his demanding workload.

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