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RES 277 | Underwriting Properties
  The thing about underwriting is people always want to find an easy way to do it. Brian Burke, the President and CEO of Praxis Capital Inc., says that is not how it works. Brian joins us to guide us through the steps of doing it right, sharing the three important things in the process....
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RES 270 | Full Stack Real Estate
  Abraham Ng’hwani, the Founder of Abranova Real Estate, proudly shares the story of his company’s birth and how it is a full-stack real estate investment and construction development company that delivers more value. The term “full-stack” is what makes them stand out from other successful syndicators because it encompasses many features such as trading,...
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RES 269 | Landing Your First Deal
  Real estate will always be tricky, and the only way to be successful in it is by having the right people educating you. Kyle Mitchell, the Managing Partner and Co-founder of Limitless Estates, shares the story of how he got started with investing in single-family real estate back in 2013 and eventually focused on...
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RES 256 | Mobile Home Park Investing
  Mobile homes have long been ideal preferences for many. One of the best go-to persons to learn more about it is Jefferson Lilly. Jefferson is the host of the podcast Mobile Home Park Investing where he shows why investing in such homes is not only profitable but also unique and exciting. Jefferson was trying...
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RES 245 | Multifamily Syndication
Having a day job and getting a syndication business going at the same time is two full-time jobs. You’ve got to be willing to jump in and balance everything to make it happen. Venkat Avasarala, the Founder of Raven Multifamily and a corporate IT, shares how he’s been able to juggle two full-time jobs and...
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RES 244 | Passive Investing
  There are several niches in real estate you can focus on. Kay Kay Singh found that where his passion lies is passive investing through syndication. Kay Kay Singh is the CEO of Grow Rich Capital. He has over eighteen years of business experience in the US with multifamily syndicated deals in several locations. He...
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RES 243 | Real Estate Brokerage
  Right now, most brokers in the market are extremely busy with transactions due to high demand. Tyler Chesser, Founder and President of The Chesser Companies, is back to share his real estate brokerage knowledge. Tyler tells us why a broker should be able to analyze deals quickly in this particular market cycle. He also...
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RES 241 | Capital Raising
  People are struggling to raise capital fast. Daniel Woodford, a seasoned multifamily investor, entrepreneur, and co-founder of Mission Bay Capital Partners explains what capital raising is all about. Daniel shares how they have been successful in raising capital from their first webinar as well as how they’re doing it now. He also talks about...
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RES 235 | Rehabbing Properties
  Decisions always evolve as time, technology, and people evolve with it, especially in the world of real estate. Jeff Schechter, the CEO and co-founder of High Return Real Estate, talks about how his curiosity for internet marketing and real estate led him to his current business which is rehabbing properties. In addition to investing,...
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RES 229 | Syndication
The big piece into succeeding in business is having the internal motivation and the right mentor. This is what Jeff Greenberg, CEO of Synergetic Investment Group, LLC, teaches us when it comes to becoming successful in our businesses. For him, real estate is about helping each other. Jeff shares some tips on how you can...
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