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How does a seasoned real estate investor tackle market complexities, forge lasting bonds, and craft profitable deals? In today’s episode of The Real Estate Syndication Show, we spotlight David Hansel. He’s not only a managing member at Lucern Capital Partners but also co-owns Alpha Funding. David began in real estate brokerage back in 2002. By 2008, he co-launched Alpha Funding, marking his commitment to strategic investment and creative financing. His portfolio now spans multifamily and commercial properties, especially in New Jersey and the Carolinas.

Listeners will learn the value of nurturing enduring relationships in the real estate realm. David highlights patience, active listening, and strong rapport as key to successful capital raising, deal sourcing, and overcoming investment hurdles.

Furthermore, David reveals how to structure deals for peak profitability. He recounts a complex condo project in New Jersey, showcasing how innovative financing can lead to outstanding success.

This episode promises rich insights into real estate investment’s changing landscape, focusing on the industrial sector. David’s expertise in market cycles and deal structuring offers listeners practical strategies for achieving their investment goals.

Interested in more of David Hansel’s methods and insights? Check out Lucern Capital Partners at or contact them at [email protected]

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About David Hansel:

David got his start in real estate on the brokerage side of the business in 2002. In 2008, he co-founded Alpha Funding which provides short-term bridge loans to investors on fix-and-flip and new construction projects, and in 2016, David and his partners launched Lucern Capital Partners to acquire and operate multifamily and commercial real estate primarily in New Jersey and the Carolinas.

David has a diverse and successful background spanning over two decades as a real estate investor that includes acquisition, construction, development, management, capital raising and lending. In 2016, David co-founded Lucern Capital Partners with Mark Callazzo and Frank Forte. David heads up all the company’s capital management and capital-raising efforts. Additionally, he is an integral part of the company’s overall management and the acquisition and underwriting team.

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