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In today’s Real Estate Syndication Show episode, we spoke with Treva Graves, coach, national speaker, and Bloom Personal Branding founder. Treva shared key insights on personal branding’s vital role in today’s business landscape, stressing its impact on trust and relationships.

She highlighted the shift from company to individual-focused branding, emphasizing the preference for relatable individuals in business. Treva offered practical advice on discovering and articulating a personal brand, prompting reflection on problem-solving, uniqueness, and memorable personal elements.

The discussion explored niching down to attract the right audience, with Treva stressing the benefits of a focused brand. She emphasized specificity in addressing a particular problem to increase audience attraction.

Treva reminded that effective marketing starts with developing a solid personal brand, the foundation of business relationships. For more insights, Treva welcomes inquiries through her website,

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About Treva Graves:

Treva Graves is a seasoned coach, renowned national speaker, and the visionary founder behind Bloom Personal Branding. Specializing in guiding business and sales professionals, leaders, coaches, and politicians, Treva serves as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. With a commitment to inspiring individuals to consistently “show up” and unleash their optimal potential, she passionately shares her thought leadership. Treva is also a certified personal brand strategist and confidence coach accredited by the American Confidence Institute, embodying a mission to empower others in cultivating a powerful and authentic personal brand.

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