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RES 243 | Real Estate Brokerage
Listen to the podcast here: Right now, most brokers in the market are extremely busy with transactions due to high demand. Tyler Chesser, Founder and President of The Chesser Companies, is back to share his real estate brokerage knowledge. Tyler tells us why a broker should be able to analyze deals quickly in this particular...
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RES 224 | Self-Directed IRA
Listen to the podcast here: Investing through an SDIRA or self-directed IRA, your asset’s earnings can have a built-in tax break. Undergoing this kind of investment can be a tedious process which is why a self-directed custodian like Joey Eplite exists. Joey is a finance student at the University of Central Florida and a NuView...
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RES 184 | Multifamily Syndication
Listen to the podcast here: The stigma around the syndication business probably stems from people who have never done real estate investing. Coming out from that negative view, Vinney Chopra – a multifamily syndicator with over 35 years of experience in real estate – breaks down the misconceptions surrounding it, believing that if done right,...
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