WS1941 How To Create Your Personal Brand | Treva Graves

Today’s Real Estate Syndication Show elevates your personal brand from good to unforgettable. We feature Treva Graves, a personal branding expert. She shares standout strategies and actionable advice.

Firstly, Treva underscores the value of a vibrant social media presence and SEO. Begin with a Facebook business page. Then, use Google Business to boost SEO. Moreover, she highlights the impact of color and font in branding. These should mirror your personality and engage your audience.

Furthermore, logos and professional photos are vital for a strong identity and connection. Treva recommends focusing on a couple of social media platforms. Aim for regular engagement, posting at least three times weekly. Additionally, she offers tips for content creation. This includes planning and using tools like Buffer.

Lastly, Treva urges boldness in brand presentation and valuing contributions over sales. She also supports Dress for Success, reflecting her giving spirit.

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About Treva Graves:

Treva Graves is a seasoned coach, renowned national speaker, and the visionary founder behind Bloom Personal Branding. Specializing in guiding business and sales professionals, leaders, coaches, and politicians, Treva serves as an Executive Contributor for Brainz Magazine. With a commitment to inspiring individuals to consistently “show up” and unleash their optimal potential, she passionately shares her thought leadership. Treva is also a certified personal brand strategist and confidence coach accredited by the American Confidence Institute, embodying a mission to empower others in cultivating a powerful and authentic personal brand.

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