passive investing
RES 244 | Passive Investing
Listen to the podcast here: There are several niches in real estate you can focus on. Kay Kay Singh found that where his passion lies is passive investing through syndication. Kay Kay Singh is the CEO of Grow Rich Capital. He has over eighteen years of business experience in the US with multifamily syndicated deals...
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RES 232 | Passive Investing
Listen to the podcast here: Multifamily syndication is something to dive right into if you want to take advantage of high-value real estate with high returns. Managing partner of PassiveInvesting.com and Apartments Syndication Company, Dan Handford, joins us to discuss the three criteria for you to consider when you’re looking at investing passively with another...
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RES 223 | Passive Investing
Listen to the podcast here: When a full-time job is not enough, people tend to hunt for means to invest and earn passive income. Brian Robbins, the author of Done!: The Professional’s Guide to Double-Digit Returns, Multi-Generational Wealth, and our Worry-Free Retirement, unravels the steps to becoming a passive investor and being an expert on...
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