WS1923 Easily Invest in Online Business | Kyle Kuderewski

In this episode of the Real Estate Syndication Show, we were honored to host Kyle Kuderewski, operations manager at Webstreet. Our conversation delved into the fascinating realm of digital assets and their synergy with traditional real estate investments.

Detailing his journey from engineer to investor, Kyle underscored his shift into the domain of online businesses. He emphasized the vast potential of digital real estate, encompassing diverse online ventures such as content websites, Amazon FBA stores, SaaS platforms, and more.

Webstreet’s groundbreaking platform facilitates passive investors’ access to this digital asset class, eliminating the need for active business management. Kyle elucidated that Webstreet connects investors with experienced online business operators, leveraging pooled funds to acquire and grow a range of digital assets.

Insights into enhancing the value of these digital assets, the tax implications of investments, and the industry’s outlook, especially with the emergence of AI impacting content creation, were shared by Kyle.

For those eager to explore this novel asset class, Kyle encouraged reaching out through Webstreet’s website or directly connecting with him via email or LinkedIn.

Today’s guest host, Jim Pfeifer, Founder & CEO of Left Field Investors, a community focused on achieving financial freedom through passive investments in real assets generating cash flow, also joined us. The community collaborates to offer education, networking, and deal flow. For more information, visit www.leftfieldinvestor or contact Jim at [email protected].

I trust this episode has provided valuable insights, unveiling new opportunities for diversifying your investment portfolio. Thank you for tuning in!

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About Kyle Kuderewski:

Kyle is the Operations Manager at WebStreet (an investment platform allowing people to passively invest in online businesses and digital assets). Kyle is an engineer turned investor/entrepreneur. Prior to joining WebStreet he worked in an engineering role for nearly ten years before leaving corporate America.

He saved his money and began investing in real estate and now owns multiple vacation rentals. He became passionate about investing and in a roundabout way this led him to the online business world and he hasn’t looked back.

He has a true passion for life and in his free time enjoys pretty much anything active. Triathlons, snowboarding, traveling, scuba diving – and much more.


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