WS1986 The Investor’s Guide to Digital Assets | Highlights Steve Suh & Kyle Kuderewski

Welcome to the Real Estate Syndication Show! This episode explores broadening your investment portfolio with insights from expert guests Steve Suh & Kyle Kuderewski. We discuss diversifying investments through traditional real estate syndications and the emerging digital real estate market, including online businesses and SaaS platforms. They  highlight the significance of community, due diligence, and strategic navigation in both areas, offering perspectives on expanding investment horizons for potential returns.

First up is Steve, a seasoned investor in over 50 real estate syndications, ranging from self-storage to Broadway shows. He shares his journey from ophthalmology to passive investing, highlighting the importance of community through his Left Field Investors group. His book, “Avoiding Rookie Errors as a Left Field Investor,” serves as a guide for newcomers.

Then, we have Kyle Kuderewski of Webstreet, who introduces the emerging field of digital real estate. With Webstreet, investors can dive into online businesses, benefiting from quarterly dividends and sale profits under experienced operators’ management. Kyle stresses the importance of due diligence in this rapidly evolving sector.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Real Estate Syndications Offer Diversification: Invest in various assets like multifamily, self-storage, and even Broadway shows through syndications.
  2. Digital Real Estate: A New Asset Class: Invest passively in online businesses like websites and SaaS platforms through platforms like Webstreet.
  3. Due Diligence is Key: For both real estate syndications and digital assets, research the operator’s track record and investment strategy.

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About Steve Suh:

Steve Suh, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Left Field Investors, entered real estate and alternative assets in 2005 after stock market setbacks. Inspired by “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” he became a landlord, explored diverse passive investments, and re-entered real estate through syndications. Steve’s portfolio includes apartments, self-storage, resorts, ATMs, Bitcoin mining, car washes, a coffee farm, and even a Broadway show. Beyond investments, he’s an ophthalmologist, active in tennis and pickleball, a fervent football supporter, and a three-time marathon finisher. Steve enjoys great pizza, BBQ brisket, and bourbon. He values his role at Left Field Investors, actively contributing to educating others about the advantages of passive real asset investments.

About Kyle Kuderewski:

Kyle, the Operations Manager at WebStreet, transitioned from engineering to investing, leaving a decade-long corporate career to explore real estate and now oversees investments in online businesses and digital assets. His journey from engineer to investor/entrepreneur includes acquiring multiple vacation rentals, sparking his interest in the digital investment sphere. Beyond work, Kyle’s zest for life is evident in his diverse hobbies, including triathlons, snowboarding, traveling, and scuba diving.


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