WS1987 How To Make Impactful Investments | Highlights Eric Most

Looking to maximize your exit strategy in real estate syndication while making a significant charitable contribution? This highlight episode of the Real Estate Syndication Show explores the powerful strategies that achieve both, with the added bonus of tax benefits!

Eric Most from the National Christian Foundation reveals how you can maximize your real estate exit strategy and make a lasting charitable impact.  Learn how gifting appreciated real estate before selling unlocks a triple tax benefit, reducing your tax burden and boosting your donation. Explore the world of impact investing, aligning your giving with your values while potentially generating tax-free returns to fuel future contributions. Break free from the 1031 exchange cycle with strategic gifting and explore options for maximizing your financial benefits through donor-advised funds or supporting organizations. Remember, strategic giving allows you to make a real difference while strengthening your bottom line.

Here are 3 key takeaways to maximize your real estate exits and charitable impact.

  1. Maximize your exit and charitable impact: Don’t just sell your real estate! Gifting appreciated assets before selling unlocks a triple tax benefit: boost your donation value, reduce your tax bill, and avoid depreciation recapture.
  2. Invest in what matters, tax-free: Impact investing lets you align your charitable giving with your values. Support causes you care about, like faith-based initiatives, while potentially generating tax-free returns that fuel your future giving.
  3. Break free from the 1031 exchange cycle: There’s an escape! Gifting your real estate to a donor-advised fund or supporting organization lets you bypass capital gains tax and depreciation recapture without waiting to sell.

To explore the potential benefits of these strategies for your real estate syndication efforts, consider discussing with NCF or your CPA. Additionally, by visiting, you can begin investing in real estate, thereby making a lasting difference.

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About Eric Most:

Eric Most, a seasoned stewardship professional with over 17 years of diverse experience in insurance and nonprofits, currently serves as the President for the Rocky Mountain Region at the National Christian Foundation (NCF). In this role, he collaborates with givers, business owners, leaders, and families, providing personalized solutions and trusted education. Eric also hosts The Generosity Now podcast, where he conducts insightful interviews on generosity, stewardship, and legacy. His mission is to inspire greater generosity and Kingdom impact, extending beyond the Rocky Mountain region.


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