In today’s concluding segment of the Real Estate Syndication Show episode, wrapping up our five-part series, we reconnect with Eric Most—an expert in strategic real estate investing and philanthropy. Our primary focus remains the often overlooked aspect of real estate investing: the exit strategy.

Many investors find themselves ensnared in a 1031 exchange cycle, where death becomes an unintended and somber final exit plan. Eric introduces a life-affirming alternative: gifting real estate assets to a donor-advised fund or a supporting organization, such as the National Christian Foundation (NCF). This approach not only allows investors to bypass capital gains tax and depreciation recapture but also secures a fair market value deduction—all without the need to pass away to break the 1031 exchange cycle.

Furthermore, Eric meticulously details the tax benefits and distinctions between private foundations, donor-advised funds, and supporting organizations. While private foundations offer more control, he emphasizes their lower tax efficiency compared to the simpler and more cost-effective options of donor-advised funds and supporting organizations, both providing fair market value deductions.

For those captivated by the prospect of impactful investments and philanthropy, consider exploring resources at Additionally, you can directly connect through the NCF’s Rocky Mountains page or on LinkedIn. Be sure to tune into Eric’s Generosity Now podcast for more stories and examples showcasing impactful generosity.

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About Eric Most:

Eric Most, a seasoned stewardship professional with over 17 years of diverse experience in insurance and nonprofits, currently serves as the President for the Rocky Mountain Region at the National Christian Foundation (NCF). In this role, he collaborates with givers, business owners, leaders, and families, providing personalized solutions and trusted education. Eric also hosts The Generosity Now podcast, where he conducts insightful interviews on generosity, stewardship, and legacy. His mission is to inspire greater generosity and Kingdom impact, extending beyond the Rocky Mountain region.


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