WS1956 Mastering Off Market Deals | Grant Warrington

Welcome back to the Real Estate Syndication Show! In this episode, we continue our insightful conversation with real estate expert Grant Warrington. ( If you missed part one, check it out for valuable insights on building social capital )

Today, Grant dives deep into finding off-market apartment deals and the art of seller financing . He shares his inspiring journey from crane operator to successful real estate investor , emphasizing that determination and continuous learning  are key to success, regardless of your background.

Put these 3 powerful takeaways into action:

  1. Start small and scale up: Begin with single-family rentals and use Google Maps to find off-market apartment deals.
  2. Embrace continuous learning: Success requires determination and a willingness to learn, regardless of your background.
  3. Negotiate for seller financing: Ask the right questions and be open to creative solutions for financing your real estate ventures.

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About Grant Warrington:

Grant Warrington, the Principal at Warrington Capital, Owner at Warrington Group, and Co-Owner at Property Professionals, is a seasoned professional in property management. Leaving behind a career in construction, he made a full-time transition into the field, where he now expertly oversees 800 units and has been involved in more than 100 rehabilitation projects. A valued contributor to Biggerpockets, Grant has also established a significant online presence, amassing over 50,000 subscribers across various social media platforms. He specializes in educating his audience on how to locate, purchase, and refurbish small apartment buildings, leveraging his extensive experience in the industry.

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