In today’s Real Estate Syndication Show episode, we continued our conversation with Eric Most, an expert in stewardship and impact investing. We explored impact investing, discussing its use with private capital and charitable funds to create significant positive change.

Eric emphasized the essence of impact investing, aiming to make a difference through investments. He noted the growing interest among investors in seeing their money contribute to positive change. Charitable capital, he explained, could be used to invest in organizations, funds, or private deals without personal gain, offering a unique way to support meaningful causes.

We heard a compelling story about a philanthropist from Grand Junction, Colorado. He transformed an old motorcycle dealership into a thriving event center and Christian dance studio using his charitable capital. This investment not only benefited the community but also generated tax-free cash flow for reinvestment or donation.

Eric highlighted alternative avenues for engaging in impact investing, such as pooled investment funds, direct investments in social enterprises, and equity stakes in for-profit ventures with a social angle, like the crowdfunded show “The Chosen.”

One touching example was Rod Brenneman, former CEO of Butterball, introducing tunnel farms at orphanages. These farms provided food and jobs while addressing financial struggles that often lead to children being orphaned, helping keep families together.

Our discussion made it evident that impact investing offers a creative and strategic approach to making a difference while considering financial returns. It goes beyond merely giving money away; it involves making investments that continue to grow and benefit various aspects of society.

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About Eric Most:

Eric Most, a seasoned stewardship professional with over 17 years of diverse experience in insurance and nonprofits, currently serves as the President for the Rocky Mountain Region at the National Christian Foundation (NCF). In this role, he collaborates with givers, business owners, leaders, and families, providing personalized solutions and trusted education. Eric also hosts The Generosity Now podcast, where he conducts insightful interviews on generosity, stewardship, and legacy. His mission is to inspire greater generosity and Kingdom impact, extending beyond the Rocky Mountain region.


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