WS1932 Lending And Financing in Real Estate | Highlights Marcia Kaufman

In today’s Real Estate Syndication Show episode, we feature Marcia Kaufman, a seasoned lending industry expert with over 30 years of experience. Marcia shares insights into the current state of real estate lending, specifically in the commercial sector, and discusses the impact of recent interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve.

Addressing challenges from the rapid increase in interest rates, such as deal analysis difficulty and potential issues with refinancing at higher rates, Marcia emphasizes the importance of industry experience. She notes that seasoned sponsors with a successful track record are better equipped to navigate these changes.

We also explore the role of private lending versus larger institutions. Marcia highlights the advantages of working with alternative lenders like Bayport, especially when traditional banks may slow down their lending.

Proudly sharing Bayport’s impressive 40% growth under her CEO leadership, Marcia attributes success to factors like a well-seasoned staff, increased credit facilities, geographic expansion, and capturing market share from aggregators.

Listeners can contact Marcia directly at [email protected] or call her at 516-441-5888 for questions or further discussion on lending and real estate opportunities.

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About Marcia Kaufman:

Marcia Kaufman, CEO of Bayport Funding, achieved a remarkable 40% growth last year, closing $250 million in 220 transactions. Her expertise spans three decades in mortgage banking and real estate, covering everything from identifying opportunities to strategic exit planning.

Renowned as a woman of influence and a top-performing lender, Kaufman has been featured in HousingWire, Connect CRE, and other publications. In addition to leading remarkable growth at Bayport Funding, she owns a real estate investment and brokerage firm. Her extensive experience includes senior positions at major financial institutions, solidifying her leadership in the industry.

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