In this episode of the Real Estate Syndication Show, we had the pleasure of conversing with Eric Most, an expert in stewardship and impact with over 17 years of experience in insurance and nonprofits. As the president of the Rocky Mountain region at the National Christian Foundation (NCF), Eric offers valuable insights into personalized solutions for givers, business owners, and families seeking impactful generosity and stewardship.

Eric shared his journey to NCF, starting with a profound decision during his wedding registry to focus on generosity. This choice introduced him to donor-advised funds and set him on a path to leverage his experiences, encouraging others to avoid common mistakes in charitable giving.

Throughout our discussion, Eric stressed the significance of strategic giving, especially the advantages of donating non-cash assets like stocks and real estate. He explained how using appreciated assets can result in more tax-efficient giving, maximizing impact. Eric also emphasized planning ahead, especially when gifting real estate or business interests, to align with IRS regulations and avoid penalties.

Listeners were encouraged to think creatively about stewarding resources, whether capital, property, or time. Eric’s insights provide valuable guidance for those aiming to give more effectively and create a lasting legacy through charitable endeavors.

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About Eric Most:

Eric Most, a seasoned stewardship professional with over 17 years of diverse experience in insurance and nonprofits, currently serves as the President for the Rocky Mountain Region at the National Christian Foundation (NCF). In this role, he collaborates with givers, business owners, leaders, and families, providing personalized solutions and trusted education. Eric also hosts The Generosity Now podcast, where he conducts insightful interviews on generosity, stewardship, and legacy. His mission is to inspire greater generosity and Kingdom impact, extending beyond the Rocky Mountain region.


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