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In today’s episode of the Real Estate Syndication Show, we carried on our insightful dialogue with Tom Dunkel from Bellrose Storage Group. We focused on pivotal strategies for passive investors keen on building both stable and profitable portfolios. Firstly, Tom emphasized the necessity of setting clear investment objectives. Furthermore, he introduced the SAFE methodology (Sponsor, Asset, Financials, Exit strategy). This approach aids investors in navigating the unpredictable economic terrain.

Moreover, Tom highlighted the critical role of making informed decisions, the value of continuous education, and the power of effective networking. These elements are key to mastering the domain of alternative investments for enduring success. Additionally, we discussed several vital takeaways:

  • Setting Investment Goals: It’s vital to know whether you’re targeting cash flow, growth, or capital preservation. Importantly, you should feel comfortable skipping deals that don’t match your objectives, even those from reliable sources.
  • Employing the SAFE Method: This method involves evaluating potential investments across four main areas: Sponsor, Asset, Financials, and Exit strategy. Bellrose Storage Group offers a detailed e-book on their website, providing a thorough set of questions for each category.
  • Action Amid Uncertainty: It’s crucial not to let the challenges posed by changing interest rates or inflation deter your investment activities. Instead, actively pursue deals that align with your goals, applying the SAFE method to ensure you make well-informed choices.

To learn more about Tom Dunkel and the Bellrose Storage Group or to join their investor network, visiting their website at is a great start. Moreover, the Real Estate Syndication Show is an excellent resource for those looking to grow their wealth through real estate. And for those eager to embark on their investment journey, visiting is recommended.

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About Tom Dunkel:

Tom Dunkel, Managing Director and CIO of Belrose Storage Group, specializes in turning around underperforming assets in the Eastern US. With a rich background in corporate finance and over 30 years in real estate investment, Dunkel has a knack for finding discounted assets nationwide. Formerly the President of Elbow Holdings for 17 years, he brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight from his base in Wayne, PA, to the real estate investment landscape.


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