Looking for Unique Real Estate Investment Opportunities?  Discover the high-potential niche of mobile home park investing, a unique alternative that might just align with your investment goals. In this Real Estate Syndication Show episode, join us as we delve into this intriguing option with Tyler Lekas from MCHI Group. With his expertise in finance and manufactured housing, Tyler unveils the reasons mobile home parks stand out as a singular opportunity for savvy investors.

Tyler explores the investment appeal of mobile home parks, driven by their limited supply and the land appreciation aspect, alongside providing affordable housing options. Despite facing challenges such as strict zoning laws and property management complexities, his adoption of standardized procedures and digital tools effectively addresses these issues.

Key takeaways:

  • Mobile home parks offer a unique investment opportunity due to decreasing supply, land ownership benefits, and affordable housing options.
  • Investors can benefit from stable cash flow and potential appreciation in value.
  • Challenges include zoning regulations, tenant management, and legal battles.

To learn more about investment opportunities with MCHI Group, connect with Tyler Lekas on LinkedIn or reach out via email at [email protected] 

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About Tyler Lekas:

Tyler Lekas has been a key figure at MCHI Group since 2020, where, as a principal, he brings his expertise in manufactured housing to the forefront. As the business partner of Jason Postill, Tyler plays a crucial role in the company, overseeing the property management team and handling various responsibilities such as construction and inspections. Prior to joining MCHI Group, he honed his financial skills as a financial advisor at Stifel Financial Corp, laying a solid foundation for his current success in the real estate sector.


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