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Land Flipping or Multi-Tenant Flex Industrial? This Highlight Episode of The Real Estate Syndication Show reveals the winning strategies! We get exclusive advice from successful professionals Peter Reese and Grant Reaves, who delve into two exciting real estate niches: land flipping and multi-tenant flex industrial investing.

Land Flipping with Pete Reese: Pete shares his data-driven strategy for flipping vacant land parcels. He uses direct mail marketing (50,000 letters monthly) and leverages tools like DataTree and Pat Live to streamline the process. Pete emphasizes the importance of a quick turnaround and highlights a recent deal where he bought a property for $60,000 and sold it for $175,000 in just weeks.

Multi-Tenant Flex Industrial with Grant Reaves: Grant discusses his transition from self-storage to flex industrial real estate due to the latter’s low supply, high demand, and resistance to remote work trends. He emphasizes buying below replacement cost and highlights the benefits of cash flow from day one. Grant advises investors to focus on supply/demand metrics and debt structures like fixed-rate loans for stability.


  • Land flipping can be lucrative with a data-driven approach and a streamlined system for handling leads.
  • Multi-tenant flex industrial real estate offers attractive opportunities due to low supply, high demand, and resilience in a work-from-home environment.
  • Real estate investors can achieve success in diverse niches by understanding market trends and implementing strategic approaches.

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About Pete Reese:

Pete Reese is the President of Reelvest Properties, a land development and investment company. With nearly two decades of real estate experience as a broker and investor, Pete has successfully purchased and sold hundreds of pieces of real estate for a profit over the years for himself and on behalf of his clients. He’s on track to earn $4 million in revenue in 2022 with his land flipping and development business. Pete’s always looking for his next deal, including his longtime dream of his own private island. Besides his professional accomplishments, Pete is a proud father to three beautiful girls, keeps up with his family by working out and enjoying a vegan diet, and is the 31st great-grandson of King Henry II.

About Grant Reaves:

Grant Reaves, at Stoic Equity Partners, along with Jeremy Friedman, expanded their portfolio to over $50MM since July 2021, shifting from self-storage to multi-tenant industrial properties in the southeast. An Auburn grad, Grant’s early focus on hospitality asset sales led to over $100MM in deals with Marcus & Millichap. Based in Fairhope, AL, his broad experience underpins his role at Stoic.

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