WS1983 Investor’s Playbook: Become a Pro in Mobile Home Parks | Tyler Lekas

Are Mobile Home Parks Right for Your Passive Investment Portfolio? Thinking about diversifying your investments beyond traditional real estate? Join us in today’s episode of the Real Estate Syndication Show,  as we continue our discussion with Tyler Lekas, who dives into mobile home park investing, a potentially lucrative option for passive investors.

Tyler shares his perspective on investing during potential economic downturns, forecasting a recession within the next year. His approach focuses on conservative investments with immediate strong cash flow and securing assets at prices that offer room for market fluctuations. Beyond financial strategies, he emphasizes the importance of personal well-being, with regular combat sports practice aiding in maintaining mental clarity and resilience. His unique philanthropic efforts concentrate on assisting individuals within his network, enabling him to directly observe the impact of his generosity.

Key Questions for Evaluating Mobile Home Park Investments:

  • Vacancy Rates and Occupancy Strategies: How many mobile home lots are currently vacant? Does the operator have a plan to fill them? Understanding the costs and logistics of moving into new homes, including financing, permits, and physical setup, is crucial.
  • Public vs. Private Utilities: Does the park rely on public utilities or manage its own? Private utilities can significantly impact future expenses and regulations.
  • Park-Owned Homes: Assess the condition and age of any mobile homes owned by the park. The strategy for converting them to tenant-owned can greatly affect cash flow and overall returns.

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About Tyler Lekas:

Tyler Lekas has been a key figure at MCHI Group since 2020, where, as a principal, he brings his expertise in manufactured housing to the forefront. As the business partner of Jason Postill, Tyler plays a crucial role in the company, overseeing the property management team and handling various responsibilities such as construction and inspections. Prior to joining MCHI Group, he honed his financial skills as a financial advisor at Stifel Financial Corp, laying a solid foundation for his current success in the real estate sector.


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