WS1915 What Top -Notch Operators Do Differently | Mark Allen

Welcome back to the Real Estate Syndication Show! Today, we continue our insightful conversation with Mark Allen, exploring the current state of the market from 2023 to 2024. We discuss strategies employed by top-notch operators to navigate these times.

Mark shares his experiences investing with a seasoned operator in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, emphasizing the importance of choosing the right sponsor and understanding micro-locations. He highlights the operator’s extensive background, from mortgage brokerage to owning properties across various markets. This experience has been crucial in weathering market downturns.

We also touch on challenges buyers face today, such as interest rate hikes and changing equity appetites. Mark recounts a personal story where a deal was affected by market shifts, underscoring the volatility and unpredictability in the current environment.

For passive investors, Mark’s advice is clear: education is key. He urges investors to become well-informed to effectively conduct due diligence on both the deal and the sponsor.

On the brokerage side, Mark discusses the importance of data and being proactive in marketing properties. He shares his disciplined approach to work and life, including his morning routine and the struggle to balance technology with family time.

Lastly, Mark opens up about his personal commitment to giving back, particularly through mentoring a young man from a lower-income background. This aligns with his values and desire to make a generational impact.

For those interested in connecting with Mark or learning more about his work, he can be reached through LinkedIn or the website.

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About Mark Allen:

Mark Allen, Co-Founder and Executive Director at GREA, boasts extensive REI experience since 2009. He oversees a portfolio of 5,000+ doors with a total value exceeding $1.5 billion. Specializing in multifamily owner representation, Mark facilitated $176 million in transactions (3,000+ units) during his inaugural year as a broker. Recognized as the 2018 SVN “Broker of the Year,” he has garnered additional accolades from SVN. DCEO Magazine also honored him as the DFW’s CRE 2018 “Rookie of the Year.” Before transitioning to real estate, Mark attended the United States Military Academy at West Point and served as a business development lead and consultant at MSC Software.


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