In this episode of The Real Estate Syndication Show, guest host Jim Pfeifer, Founder & CEO of Left Field Investors, hosted Steve Suh, an experienced ophthalmologist and co-founder of Leftfield Investors. Steve, a seasoned passive investor in real estate syndications, shared insights from his 14-year journey, detailed in his Amazon bestselling book, “Avoiding Rookie Errors as a Left Field Investor.”

Highlighting the importance of learning from others’ mistakes in real estate investing, Steve drew parallels between his surgical practice and investing, stressing the need to understand and avoid past errors. Despite setbacks in oil and gas syndications, including a Ponzi scheme, Steve remained committed to real estate, diversifying across asset classes, sponsors, and geographies.

A key takeaway was the critical role of the operator in a syndication deal. Steve emphasized vetting not only the syndicator but also the third-party management team. For those interested in Leftfield Investors or connecting with Steve, email [email protected] or visit

Jim Pfeifer, today’s guest host, leads Left Field Investors, a community focused on creating financial freedom through passive investments in real assets. For more information, visit or reach Jim at [email protected].

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About Steve Suh:

Steve Suh, co-founder and Chief Content Officer at Left Field Investors, entered real estate and alternative assets in 2005 after stock market setbacks. Inspired by “Rich Dad, Poor Dad,” he became a landlord, explored diverse passive investments, and re-entered real estate through syndications. Steve’s portfolio includes apartments, self-storage, resorts, ATMs, Bitcoin mining, car washes, a coffee farm, and even a Broadway show. Beyond investments, he’s an ophthalmologist, active in tennis and pickleball, a fervent football supporter, and a three-time marathon finisher. Steve enjoys great pizza, BBQ brisket, and bourbon. He values his role at Left Field Investors, actively contributing to educating others about the advantages of passive real asset investments.


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