WS1749 Keys to Better Investor Communication | Highlights Peter Richter

Join us for a captivating highlight episode that explores the crucial role of investor relations in real estate syndication. Our guest, Peter Richter, provides invaluable insights and expert advice on how to effectively communicate with investors.

Throughout this episode, we delve into various aspects of investor relations, including:

1️⃣ The importance of clear and relevant communication without overwhelming investors with unnecessary information.

2️⃣ Strategies for establishing credibility and introducing potential investors to your company.

3️⃣ Creating an impactful investor deck and effectively presenting financial projections.

4️⃣ Tailoring your approach based on the differences between institutional and individual investors.

5️⃣ Maintaining regular contact with investors and expressing gratitude for their support.

6️⃣ Addressing fundraising phone calls, quarterly reports, and budget variances.

7️⃣ Tips for creating comprehensive quarterly reports that contain the right information.

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About Peter Richter:

Mr. Richter provides strategic direction on matters affecting investor communication, and capital markets, and functions as a liaison to new investors. Prior to joining Interwest Capital, Mr. Richter served as the Director of Investor Relations and Asset Management at Davlyn Investments where he oversaw the placement of over $85 million in equity as well as spearheaded the implementation of portfolio-wide ESG initiatives.  Before Davlyn, Mr. Richter spent his entire professional career learning the intricacies of the multifamily management and investment industry from the ground up working for national operators such as Holland Residential and Pinnacle International, and UDR, one of the nation’s largest REITs where he oversaw their San Diego portfolio which consists of both mid-rise and high-rise, class A apartments.

Mr. Richter graduated from Arizona State University with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus on Business and Design.


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