WS1750 Find Better Investments and Better Partners | Highlights Keith Blackborg

In this exciting highlight episode, we join our guest Keith, as we delve deep into the world of investing. Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, Keith has some valuable insights to share.

⚖️ The Power of Concentration and the Pitfalls of Unexpected Events ⚖️

Keith reveals the potential for quick growth through concentration, but he cautions against the impact of unexpected events like a pandemic. To strike a balance, he recommends diversification across both private and public assets. It’s crucial to understand your competitive advantage and have a clear vision of success.

📈 Reaping High Returns with Asymmetrical Risk 📈

Have you ever wondered about asymmetrical risk? Keith showcases how you can achieve high returns while minimizing downside. He highlights golden opportunities that arose during the 2010 housing market crash and the 2019 pandemic. Diversification, when coupled with a keen eye for value, can lead to significant returns. Keith also stresses the importance of maintaining a diversified deal flow pipeline to avoid over-concentration.

💼 Evaluating Operators, Broadening Asset Classes, and Aligning Interests 💼

Our conversation takes a turn towards evaluating operators, expanding asset classes, and aligning interests. Keith shares invaluable wisdom on diversifying investments beyond real estate. Additionally, he emphasizes the close relationship between cost control and success in a volatile market.

🌟 A World of Freedom, Impact, and Giving 🌟

As we near the end of our enriching discussion, Keith leaves us pondering the themes of freedom, impact, and the opportunity to give. He sheds light on the potential for faith-based initiatives to make a meaningful difference.

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About Keith Blackborg:

Keith Blackborg, a CPA who achieved financial freedom within 10 years, credits his success to his prowess as an investor and tax strategist. Together with his wife Jessica, Keith has dabbled in various domestic and international investments, including residential and commercial real estate, lending, startups, and paper assets. Notably, Keith served as the director of acquisitions for a hedge fund that orchestrated the largest private sale of homes in US history.

Previously, Keith owned a CPA firm specializing in high-net-worth real estate investors, catering to both high-volume single-family investors and apartment syndicators. As a tax strategist, he guided clients on legally saving approximately 5-10% of their annual income in taxes. Remarkably, Keith and Jessica became millionaires before the age of thirty. In 2016 and 2017, they sold their CPA firm and most of their active investments, transitioning into a board-level role in their wealth business, focusing on overseeing high ROI passive investments. Their journey to financial freedom allowed them to retire comfortably in less than a decade of work.

Motivated by their desire to assist others, Keith and Jessica established Financial Journey. This platform embodies their passion for helping individuals attain freedom and connects clients to wealth by providing a comprehensive framework, strategy, lucrative deals, and a supportive community. Through Financial Journey, clients can accelerate their progress towards achieving “work optional” status.


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