Have you ever wondered how investors thrive through multiple real estate cycles?

In this episode, veteran investor Peter Fioretti shares exclusive insights on how he’s pivoted his strategies no less than 4 times over 35+ years to profit from changing market conditions.

From transitioning from developer to lender after the S&L crisis to investing in distressed land after 2008, Peter details the opportunities he’s spotted and exactly how you can position yourself to succeed in any market.

You’ll learn:

  • How to evaluate funds and operators beyond surface-level metrics to find true quality
  • Specific debt investment strategies delivering double-digit returns in today’s rate environment 
  • Case studies on how Peter has helped partners exponentially grow their businesses

Plus, Peter shares his philosophy on maximizing community impact through real estate and education. Don’t miss this chance to gain an investor’s perspective on thriving through decades of market shifts.


00:41 Introduction to Peter Fiorette

02:23 Market changes and investment strategies

08:09 Post-COVID economy and investment opportunities

13:53 Investing in debt funds

25:23 Evaluating investment funds

32:43 Investor reporting and upgrading personnel

36:00 Giving back to the community

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