Episode Title: Navigating the Multifamily Market: Peter Von Der Ahe’s Guide for Passive Investors


Welcome to the Real Estate Syndication Show. Today, we have a special guest who will share invaluable insights for anyone interested in multifamily real estate investing. Peter Von Der Ah was a top-producing NYC agent for many years and now runs a successful multifamily investing business. He will unpack the complexities of the NYC market and regulations, as well as deliver a crystal clear outlook on what to expect over the next year. Most importantly, Peter will reveal his battle-tested framework for evaluating deals simply based on just three key factors.

Key Insights from the Episode:

– Focus on implementing substantial, needle-moving actions or improvements each year that take time to fully realize results. Consistent execution of these actions can exponentially grow your business over time.

– Develop strong listening skills to pick up on valuable information that others may miss, both in what people say explicitly and implicitly. Listening was a core skill that helped Peter succeed. 

– Thoroughly evaluate any investment opportunity based on just 3 key factors or bullet points that the operator believes will make the deal successful if executed well. Having a clear and simple thesis is important.

Tune in to gain Peter’s proven strategies for profiting in multifamily through any market cycle.


00:36 Introduction to Peter Von Der Ahe

01:49 Consistently executing one new needle-moving idea per year

04:11 The importance of listening in entrepreneurship

06:49 The backstory of Peter’s multifamily career

09:01 The complexities of investing in New York City

17:40 Peter’s expectations for the next 12-18 months

25:35 Things to consider when investing with an operator today

33:45 Types of projects Peter is interested in

35:56 The challenges of finding great investment opportunities

38:34 The most important metrics Peter tracks

44:00 Consistency and success habits

47:47 Relationships as a key to personal and professional success

48:47 How does Peter give back?

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