Episode Title: A Commercial Real Estate Storm is Coming with Scott Trench

Scott Trench, CEO of BiggerPockets, shares his first-hand experience losing money in real estate syndications – and what it teaches us about finding quality operators. He also looks at the commercial real estate market, predicting pain over the next 18 months.

Here are some useful key insights from this episode:

  • Avoid syndicators that diversify across many markets instead of specializing in one. Look for operators with proven long-term track records close to the properties.
  • Thoroughly analyze a syndicator’s assumptions about rent growth, expenses, and exit cap rates. Be wary of overly optimistic projections just to show high IRRs. 
  • Commercial real estate is in for major pain as oversupply crashes into higher rates. Rents may not recover for years. Protect yourself by understanding these market forces.

Tune in now to hear BiggerPockets insider’s unfiltered lessons on thriving through today’s syndication landmines and shifting market tides.


00:46 Introduction to Scott Trench of Bigger Pockets

02:53 Four major asset types in Scott’s portfolio

06:32 Investment strategy, prioritizing real estate and index funds

09:35 Scott’s real estate buying strategy

12:46 Passive investing in syndications with mixed results

17:28 Real estate market challenges in 2023 and 2024

20:43 Taxes, insurance, and interest rates

23:43 Multifamily and commercial real estate predictions for 2025 and further

28:13 Investing in a real estate syndication operator’s integrity and performance

34:31 Unethical practices in the multifamily investing industry

37:23 The danger of fraud and challenges of investing in real estate syndications

47:11 Scott’s future investing plans

51:46 Personal vision, goal-setting, and aligning goals with a spouse

1:00:14 How does Scott give back

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